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mp3 No2: The Soul and Monad Mantra - Αγγλικά

mp3 No2: The Soul and Monad Mantra - Αγγλικά voice: alexandros m. pfaff, music: Marina Raye - snow falling on silence, www.marinaraye.com --> for download please click on "λήψη" I am the soul, I am the Light Divine. I am Love, I am Will, I am Fixed Design. He used it Himself for the first time, we are told, at the time of the Full Moon of June, 1945, which is recognised as the Full Moon of the Christ, just as the Full Moon of May is that of the Buddha. It was not easy to translate these ancient phrases (so ancient that they are without date or background of any kind) into modern words, but it has been done, and the Great Invocation may eventually become the world prayer. The Great Invocation is a world prayer, translated into almost 70 languages and dialects. It is an instrument of power to aid the Plan of God find full expression on Earth. To use it is an act of service to humanity and the Christ. It expresses certain central truths which all people innately and normally accept: - That there exists a basic intelligence to whom we give the name of God. - That there is a divine evolutionary Plan in the universe – the motivating power of which is love. - That a great individuality called by Christians the Christ – the World Teacher – came to Earth and embodied that love so that we could understand that love and intelligence are effects of the purpose, the will and the Plan of God. Many religions believe in a World Teacher, knowing him under such names as the Lord Maitreya, the Imam Mahdi, and the Messiah. - The truth that only through humanity itself can the divine Plan work out.
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